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Hello, world
Posted by orudge on 02.09.2008 at 21:37

Well, I've decided it might be fun to dig this site out, so I found the latest backup I had (unfortunately, a chunk of stuff has been lost that will pretty much never be recovered, but that really just affects the forums, as I don't think I'd done any more work on the main site!), and here it is, for archival purposes if nothing else. Smile

"Sabrina" Star Hart Getting Hitched
Posted by Zippy! on 10.01.2003 at 04:02

"Sabrina" Star Hart Getting Hitched

by Marcus Errico, E-Online
Jan 9, 2003, 2:45 PM PT

Sabrina's working some real-life love magic.

Melissa Joan Hart, who's been casting spells as the teenage witch for the past six years, has charmed her off-screen beau into popping the question.

Hart confirmed to E! News Live Thursday that she and her rocker boyfriend of eight months, Mark Wilkerson, are officially betrothed.

Wilkerson, frontman and guitarist for the hard-rock trio Course of Nature, did the ring thing on December 26 as the couple exchanged Christmas gifts.

"After we opened all the presents and I thanked him for my gifts, he said, 'I have one more. Close your eyes.' And then he puts this ring right in front of me.

"And I told him to shut up. That's the first thing I said, but I immediately said 'yes' after the 'shut up.' It was, 'Shut up! Yes!' "

The couple have been item since meeting at the Kentucky Derby in May. They've been living together for the past several months in Los Angeles.

Hart's career as a teenage witch followed her star-making stint on Nickelodeon's Clarissa Explains It All. Aside from her TV chores, she has appeared in the big-screen teen flicks Can't Hardly Wait and Drive Me Crazy. Next up is a role in the indie comedy Jesus, Mary and Joey.

An Alabama native, Wilkerson formed Course of Nature with fellow guitarist John Mildrum and drummer Rickey Shelton. Their big-label debut Superkala came out on Lava/Atlantic last year, and the threesome opened for Creed over the summer. Wilkerson reportedly won over Hart's heart with a couple of choice love songs.

Before Wilkerson wooed her, Hart preferred to pal around with actors, dating her onetime Sabrina costar James Fields, her Drive Me Crazy leading man Adrian Grenier and most recently Bryan Kirkwood. Now, though, the 26-year-old actress says she can't hardly wait to settle down.

"We haven't set a date, but we want to do it kind of quick," Hart tells E! "We don't want to be engaged too long. We just want to be married."
No word on how well the wedding planning progressing (we want to know whether that talking cat will be a groomsman), but Hart seems to be one wacky-in-love witch.

"I've been giggling for, like, two weeks straight.",1,11089,00.html?tnews

Mr. Green

Melissa To Present at AMAs
Posted by Zippy! on 07.01.2003 at 01:56

Billboard Bits: AMAs, Nickelback/Oleander, B. Bland

Groove ArmadaB2K, Ja Rule, and Nickelback have all been added to the performance lineup for the American Music Awards AMAs. Set for Jan. 13 at the Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium, the show will also feature previously announced performers Christina Aguilera, Kenny Chesney, Elton John, Tim McGraw, matchbox twenty, Toby Keith, Willie Nelson, Shania Twain, Kelly Osbourne.

Osbourne and her family -- father Ozzy, mother Sharon, and brother Jack -- will host the event, which will air live on ABC. Older sister Aimee, who doesn't take part in "The Osbournes" MTV reality series, will also appear to present an award with Justin Timberlake.

Other newly added presenters are Erykah Badu, Dru Hill, Nivea, Goo Goo Dolls' Johnny Rzeznik, Saliva, Ryan Seacrest, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Jennie Garth, Melissa Joan Hart, Heidi Klum, and Frankie Muniz.

-- Barry A. Jeckell, N.Y
Mr. Green

Disneyland Christmas Haunted Mansion, with pictures
Posted by Zippy! on 06.01.2003 at 02:57

Actress Melissa Joan Hart was at the event with children from Planet Hope. We had the opportunity to interview her as well. Her interview is transcribed below and is also available on video: What did you think?

Melissa Joan Hart: Thought it was wonderful. I thought it was a great ride. I got a cool jacket. (shows off the jacket) Itís a little hot right now. Itís summer in California. Well I guess itís nice, it's not summer anymore. Itís perfect. It was the perfect ride. You combine Haunted Mansion with a great movie about Halloween and Christmas and what better way to get you through the whole season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah - the whole thing, it all flows into the same sort ofÖyou want to decorate the house, you get dressed up, youíre going to parties, and it is just three months of parties, dressing up, and decorating your house. So it works together, I think.

LP: Did the kids like it?

MJH: (to the children) Did you like it?

Kids: Yeah!!!

LP: Can you tell me about Planet Hope?

MJH: They have a bunch of different things that they do. They have a camp where the kids will go with their mother - homeless kids will go. And they get to do fun camp activities while the mothers do other things like self-esteem stuff and kind of work on bettering their future. And they do a bunch of things like they have big parties where everyone will bring a gift and weíll wrap the gifts. And then go around on Christmas day to the sleeping bags on the street. They just really help homeless children.

This info is from:

I just found this from the Clarissa list, I think itís from last year but possibly theyíre making it a regular thing because I donít remember the charity mentioned before. The page and HTML sources donít give any dates either. If you go to the link there are bigger versions of the pictures and two versions of a video of the above interview.

Mr. Green

Melissa's New Years Resolution
Posted by Zippy! on 31.12.2002 at 13:41

Melissa Joan Hart: I always have the same one -- not to sweat the small stuff -- but I've got to get a new one because that one's not working out so well.

Mr. Green

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