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Fact Files - Hmmm, is that a cigar I see?

Well, according to the 18-24 October 1997 issue of TV Guide, the cover story, featuring Melissa, had a mention, "... Hart is part of the ultrahip club scene. She calls herself a 'homebody,' save for the occasional trip to a lounge where 'we maybe smoke a cigar, drink a glass of wine, and watch someone play the bongos.'"

Hmmm, this proves to be interesting, despite the fact Melissa has always put down smoking as bad, she smokes the occasional cigar? Oh well, a few months afterwards it had been confirmed by Hartbreak Productions that Melissa has stopped doing this sort of thing, so yeah.

A couple of years ago, there had been some rumours that Melissa has started smoking cigarettes, so she could try to lose weight for the Drive Me Crazy movie, which poses a few hmmms. There is apparently proof of this, but a few people have not been able to find this proof (in a Showbiz interview on CNN recently, where it is claimed Melissa held a cigarette after the interview).

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