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Fact Files - How she got into acting

NB: This originally came directly from her biosheet in 'Teen Beat', and has been modified slightly.

"I was four," Melissa Joan Hart answers when asked when she got into showbiz. The New York actress adds: "I did commercials, than a guest appearance on "The Equalizer" and "Saturday Night Live", then I went to off-Broadway and got into plays and stuff, but then I got Clarissa." Clarissa, of course, is "Clarissa Explains It All", the long-running Nickelodeon series that recently wrapped up its first-run episodes. In the last episode, Clarissa graduated from high school and moved to New York to begin an internship at a newspaper. Ironically, the show which ran for 5 years, in some ways mirrors Melissa's own life. She, too, moved to New York - well, to her family's home in New Jersey - to attend college at New York University. However, Melissa had to take on independent studies for a while because she had a few other irons on the fire. She was busy making the NBC-TV movie "Twisted Desire", the cable film "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and then the spin-off series of "Sabrina" for ABC. That series began in September of 1996, and is now in its sixth season as of 2002. Melissa also starred in her own movie, Drive Me Crazy, which was released a couple of years ago, and she is working on several other projects at the moment.

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